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INEZ ALMEIDA & ERIC SIMETH are certified Acroyoga teachers from Acroyoga International. Inez is also certified with Acroyoga Montreal and they have been teaching together since 2014.

They first met in a solar immersion in Berlin, their love for movement and their dance and gymnastics background, brought this connection into an exploration of different forms of expression within the acroyoga language and vision.
They have been training with some of the most experienced professionals, in the fields of Dutch acrobatics and acroyoga.

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INEZ ALMEIDA is a Teacher, Actress, Dancer and Thai massage therapist.
Her movement journey started at the age of 9 at the Ballet Conservatory of Lisbon where she studied for several years.

Inez has a Bachelor in physical acting from the Theatre University of Amsterdam, she is a certified Acroyoga International and Acroyoga Montreal teacher, and a Thai yoga massage therapist from the sunshine Network. She has been working as a freelance artist all around the world and has taught in many communities throughout Europe.

Her love for movement and it's healing powers have brought her to explore different ways to access that sacred space where transformation can occur. She believes in sharing with an open heart, creating space for connection, trust and intimacy, allowing love to flow.


ERIC SIMETH was touched by the exploration of movement of the body and the sensation of simple aliveness that arises from it since childhood. He started gymnastics in Geneva - his home city in Switzerland - at the age of 6 and carried on later with yoga, dance, acroyoga, acrobatics and Thai massage. 

Thanks to those experiences and teachings he has been cultivating a way of life and tools that support the health and balance of the body-mind complex as well as means to relate to each other through artistic co-creation, verbal and nonverbal communication, and healing touch.

Eric is a certified Acroyoga International teacher, yoga teacher and Thai Yoga massage therapist and he has been studying the ancient knowledge of South American shamanism and Hinduism with different masters. He has been traveling throughout Europe to share and promote the practices and teachings that are dear to him. He likes to put the emphasis on co-creating a safe space for learning, physical growth and emotional growth.

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